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About Us

Leyland Blue, in its current form, began as a concept in the summer of 2019 and became a reality when the business was officially filed and formed in December of that same year. Its true origins began as a dream much earlier than that, however.

Kaylan Griffie is the founder and owner. She  and her husband, Jordan, began dating in  May of 2013. On their very first date she  expressed that her dream was to own her  own storefront business one day. Thousands  of conversations, hundreds of ideas, and  dozens of business plans later - Leyland Blue was born. 

The company's name "Leyland Blue" was derived from the company's earliest inspiration: Kaylan's father. Jerry Kirby was a successful small business owner for Kaylan's entire life and up until his passing in May of 2014. His latest business, founded in 2001, was Ikthus Tree Farm located in Palmetto, Georgia. It is now owned and operated by his son, Kyle. Since its inception, the farm has specialized in the cultivating and selling of a landscaping tree called the Leyland Cypress. Kaylan chose this tree as a part of her business name and logo in order to honor her beloved late father who instilled integrity, work ethic, and the motivation/drive in her that a small business owner has to have to be successful.

Kaylan is making her dad proud with her dedication, determination, and hard work. She added the business knowledge she needed by attending Kennesaw State University. She is pairing this with her passion for interior design. She has worked for a number of years as a large scale event planner and decorator to refine these skills and has been continuously complimented and awarded for her eye for design.

As Leyland Blue was being cultivated from a long term dream to a here and now reality, Kaylan decided to partner with friend and Social Media Guru, Chelsea Robbins. Chelsea is the inventor of the baby product Bibsie™ (now exclusively sold on our site), and also is a large scale event planner and designer herself! Chelsea's Social Media expertise and business experience made her an excellent addition to the ownership team. What started as Kaylan's dream has wonderfully blossomed into a reality of Kaylan and Chelsea's combined vision. 

Kaylan and Chelsea continue to work hard to make the Leyland Blue dream a reality. So please look and shop around our dream site so that we can help create your dream space!